Important Note About Sermon Notes And Other Material

  • Although we’ve attempted to be as accurate as possible with the sermon notes and online content, as with any other website, there may be mistakes typographically or in subject matter. If you identify any, we encourage you to contact us.
  • Not all quotes are referenced if the exact source could not be verified. Brackets [ ] are used when the author added clarification or when capitalization or verb tense changes were made.
  • Scriptures and quotes within quotation marks are often exact quotes; whereas, paraphrased Scriptures and quotes are often italicized.
  • In some cases, only portions of Scriptures and quotes are referenced. Therefore, all Scriptures should be read in their complete context whenever possible; thus, encouraging the reader to refer to the Bible often.
  • Additionally, some ellipses have been removed to aid readability. In such instances, the intended meaning of the quotation and/or Scripture was not altered or changed. We encourage those who might use these quotes in the future to be aware of these changes and note them.
  • WCF does not necessarily agree with or endorse every opinion and/or belief expressed when referencing others.