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CHANGED: God Takes Nothing & Makes Something

Direction Often Involves Obedience

Avoiding False Worship & False Prophets

Characteristics of False Prophets

Truth About Repentance

Matthew 3: The Holy Spirit And Fire” [part 1]

Matthew 3: How To Be Filled, The Holy Spirit” [part 2]

Matthew 4: The Marketing Of Evil

Follow Me: The Source Of True Joy

Healing: Fact Or Fiction

Blessings Of Brokenness

How To Be Blessed

Cost of Carnality

THE LAW – Seeking to Clear the Confusion

The Silent Sin

Divorce – Clearing The Confusion

god’s at war (#1)

god’s at war (#2)

Oaths, Paybacks, and Enemies

Hindrances To Prayer

Teach Us To Pray

The Lamp Of The Body

The Root Cause Of Anxiety

THE ‘GIFTS’: Seeking Clarity, Not Confusion

 Who Are You To Judge?:

Are You Contentiously Contending?

Can We Judge Our Church?

The More I Seek, The More I Find:

“Fast Forward”

The Narrow Way Is The Only Way

Wolves Don’t Advertise

The Fruit of Authentic Christianity

How Great Is Our God

Worship: Seeker Or Skeptic

Teach Us How To Worship

The Power Of Self Examination, HEALING PART I

 Healing: Seeking To Clear The Confusion, HEALING PART II

Biblical Conditions for Healing, HEALING PART III

I Might Follow Him

In ‘god’s’ We Trust

Releasing The Shackles Of Oppression

Faith: The Anchor Of Life

Follow Me

Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin

Help!  My Faith Is Faltering

The Power Of Christ, Part I

The Power Of Christ, Part II

The Call Of Christ To The Ministry, Part I

The Call Of Christ To The Ministry, Part II

Four Lessons From The Disciples

Prone To Wander – Lord I Feel It

What Does God Want From Me? (Part 1)

What Does God Want From Me? (Part 2)

What Does God Want From Me? (Part 3)

Wisdom’s Cry

The Spirit Who Speaks In You (1st Service)

The Spirit Who Speaks In You (2nd Service)

God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life

The Peacemaker

The Cure For Doubt

Sabbath Rest

A House Divided Cannot Stand

Are You Playing Church?

Lord, Help Me Change!

God’s Will: Avoiding The Detours

The Soil Influences Growth

Are You Wheat Or Tare?

Priorities: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

The Truth About Unbelief

Sexual Sin – What Is Legal Is Not Always Lawful

The BIG Problem With Compassion

The Need For A Deserted Place

Do You Have Defiled Traditions?

“I Am He” Lunatic, Liar, Or Lord?

In Vain They Worship Me

Willpower Is Not Enough

The Door Of Temptation Swings Both Ways

Dealing With Disappointment And Regret

7 Important Facts About Faith

A Wicked Generation Seeks After A Sign

Beware Of The Leaven

Beware Of The Leaven Of Sin

The Most Important Question Ever Asked

The Desperate Need To Experience God