Proverbs Main Title Slide

Proverbs 1: The Desperate Need For Wisdom

Proverbs 2: The Fully Surrendered Life

Proverbs 3: He Shall Direct Your Path

Proverbs 4: Manasseh & America–Do Not Forsake My Law

Proverbs 5: Breaking Free From Bondage

Proverbs 6-7: Promises, Laziness & Lying

Proverbs 8: The Excellence Of Wisdom

Proverbs 9: Forsake Foolishness and Live

Proverbs 10: Words & Actions Reveal The Heart

Proverbs 11: Pennies, Pride & Proverbs

Proverbs 12: Whoever Loves Discipline, Loves Knowledge

Proverbs 14: Wisdom vs Folly — Who Wins?

Proverbs 15: God’€™s Will & Our Words

Proverbs 16: Help! My Plan Isn’t Working

Proverbs 18: Don’t Tell Me What To Do!!

Proverbs 19: LORD! Why Is This Happening?

Proverbs 21 (part 1): Decisions Determine Destiny

Proverbs 21 (part 2): The Price Of Pleasure

Proverbs 22: How Should We Then Live

Proverbs 23: How Does 23 Apply To Me?

Proverbs 24: Five Myths Of Repentance

Proverbs 25: Anger Destroys Families

Proverbs Finale: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt

God’s Roadmap For Mothers [And Fathers] (Proverbs 31)