Shane Idleman is the founder and lead pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship in Leona Valley, CA. His sermons, books, articles, and radio program have sparked change in the lives of many.

Today as we continually drift away in a current of moral decline and relativism, many believe that the battle is too advanced and that we cannot make a difference. Shane, however, believes that we can, and offers his books as contributions to that commitment. He stresses, “If we encourage truth, yet fail to relate to our culture, the church can seem formal and dead. This fact fuels the postmodern movement. But when truth is sacrificed for the sake of relating to the culture, as we see today, the very foundation is destroyed. Truth, the foundational believes clearly outlines in Scripture, must remain unmoved and unchanged. Times change, but truth does not!”

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If My People – In Case Of National Emergency, Read This

Hopeless headlines are dominating the news cycle. It is called psychological warfare, and the goal is to elevate stress to the point of exhaustion and then fuel fear so that people lose hope. To win this battle (the battle of the mind), one must saturate their mind in the Word and ways of God. If My People is a cry for the people of God to turn back to God, to seek His face, and to receive the blessings He promises to those who will humble themselves and seek His face.

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Help! I’m Addicted: Overcoming the Cravings that Overcome You

We are at a crossroads. Drug and alcohol abuse are leaving a path of destruction, pornography is desecrating families, obesity is plaguing millions, and heart disease and cancer are the leading “killers” in America.

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Fasting & Feasting

What works, what doesn’t, and why. Download Fasting & Feasting for free on Nook, Kobo, and Smashwords.

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One Nation “Above” God

One Nation “Above” God is available for free at Smashwords.

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Desperate For More of God

The heart cry of every believer. Available as a free download at Smashwords.

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Answers for a Confused Church

Times change, truth does not. Download Answers for a Confused Church for free at Smashwords!

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What Works for Men

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What Works for Singles

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What Works When Diets Don’t

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What Works for Young Adults

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