The Forgotten God – Who is the Holy Spirit?

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It may be hard to believe, but I actually knew a pastor who asked his worship leader to remove all songs mentioning the Holy Spirit. How sad…in his zeal to avoid charismatic excesses, he actually quenched the Spirit.

Why is the doctrine of the Holy Spirit so confusing when the Bible is crystal clear on the need for the Spirit’s power? In my opinion, one of the problems is “balance”, or a lack thereof. Many churches tend to embrace one extreme, or the other. Some have identified the two extremes as resembling either circuses or cemeteries. In the circus environment, anything goes. Ungodly behavior is excused by saying, “The Spirit is moving.” Often, the Spirit is not moving; human emotions, and fleshly impulses are. The Holy Spirit may, or may not be present, but sheer outward acts are no guarantee.

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Here’s why November 2nd is so Important. Vote! – Article 2

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One of the most controversial issues of our time is the question of mixing religion and politics. One group believes that the church should be used as a political platform, the other advocates passivity. So, what’s the answer?

First and foremost, we cannot deny our primary responsibility: To encourage people to turn to Christ as their Lord and Savior. This is how America will “truly” change from the inside out. The No. 1 problem in America is not a political problem; it’s a spiritual problem called sin. The primary goal of the church is not to become a political movement, but a spiritual influence. Christianity has influenced large-scale changes because it first transformed the hearts of men and women.

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Here’s Why November 2nd is so Important. Vote!

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Mandatory Euthanasia Bill: What many call genocide, Congress calls necessary to curtail rising healthcare costs. In the hope of reclaiming financial stability, many legislators plan to sign a mandatory Euthanasia Bill. In defense of the Bill, some State Representatives claim that abortion has helped to offset rising health care costs. This new legislation will include those with terminal or chronic illnesses—life will be terminated when rehabilitation is uncertain, and/or when lingering illnesses threaten the economy. Those with criminal records, and the elderly, are also being considered. The bill is expected to take effect late next year.

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We’ve Drifted From Being Confrontational To Popular

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Back to the topic of preaching: Many argue that we can’t preach with authority because we need to have a flexible approach to all aspects of theology. By “flexible” they mean accommodating all beliefs, but truth is not “flexible” when it comes to absolutes; it’s solid and unyielding—an anchor. Truth liberates. Truth rebuilds. Truth restores. Truth heals. Truth transforms. Truth prevails…you don’t change truth; truth changes you.

During The Yale Lectures on Preaching (1891) by James Stalker, Stalker rightly noted Martin Luther’s list of qualifications for being a minister. Two of the top ten were: 1) “He should be sure of what he means to say.” 2) “And be ready to stake body and soul, goods and reputation, on its truth.” Luther, Calvin, Swingli, Knox, and many more, flamed the fires of the Reformation with godly confrontation.

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If You’re Too Busy To Pray, You’re Too Busy!

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As I said last week, Where are men with uncompromising power and authority in the pulpits today? Granted, there are some, and I so appreciate their ministry, but as a whole, the church is lacking. The one thing that all of the great men mentioned last week had is the one thing that many are lacking—authority and the power of the Holy Ghost. They were also men of extraordinary prayer, brokenness, and humility; filled and clothed with power from on high. The men who do the most for God are always men of prayer. “Preaching, in one sense, merely discharges the firearm that God has loaded in the silent place” (Calvin Miller).

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Should We Stop Preaching From The Pulpit?

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A few years back, I listened in astonishment as postmodern leaders talked about replacing “preaching” with “having a conversation.” At first, I thought that maybe they were confusing individual conversations with preaching, but I was wrong. They felt that we should stop “preaching” from the pulpit, and start being more passive and less confrontational. Never mind the fact that Jesus said, “I must preach the kingdom of God, because for this purpose I have been sent” (Luke 4:43). But according to many postmoderns, it’s time to replace the pulpit with a couch, and preaching with conversing.

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Seven Things You Need To Know

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This article is a by-product of a sermon that I recently delivered. These core values also provide the basis for the new church that I will be planting and pastoring beginning 9-25-2010 (Westside Christian Fellowship). Radio program responses have indicated that this message is timely, and relevant. I hope that you will be encouraged and strengthened as well.

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Are We ‘Affecting’ The World, Or Is It ‘Infecting’ Us?

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Part V in a series on compromise in the church

The Scriptures are crystal clear on the issue of entertainment; there’s really no debate. Philippians 4:8 says to fix our thoughts on what is true and honorable and right, and to think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable and worthy of praise. Ephesians 5:1-20 also addresses this issue, and enough is said in II Timothy alone to silence any debate: Everyone who names the name of Christ should depart from anything that goes against His standard of holiness. We must be pure vessels that God can use. A pure vessel cannot come from a polluted mind. Years of feeding the flesh will leave us spiritually weak—what goes in our mind ultimately comes out in our actions.

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