1/28/2012 – Adultery—God Can Restore If Repentance Occurs

January 28th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Articles - (Comments Off on 1/28/2012 – Adultery—God Can Restore If Repentance Occurs)

Part one from a sermon series on Real Marriage—the truth about life together.

The Bible describes the intoxicating power of passion associated with lust and adultery. Misdirected passion deceives, misleads, and influences…we walk in darkness, stumbling…unable to see what we stumble over. This description well explains why so many caught in sexual sin describe a sense of confusion and a disconnect from God. Adultery moves us from the altar to the courtroom—transforming a couple, once deeply in love, into bitter enemies. Hopes and dreams for the birth of a child, now twisted, become a nightmare for innocent children. Adultery is selfishness at its core…
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