The Emergent Church–Moving From Absolute To Authentic

February 5th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Articles - (Comments Off on The Emergent Church–Moving From Absolute To Authentic)

Over the next few weeks, Shane is revisiting articles that drew the most feedback in 2010. Here is the final one…

When terms “emergent” or “postmodern” are used, I’m referring to what is known collectively as The Emergent Church Movement. This movement is very popular among young adults. They believe that a new church should emerge in response to changes within our culture. This isn’t necessarily wrong if change operates within the perimeters of absolute truth; the EC movement, as a whole, however, is more about subjectivity than objectivity, experience than reason, relevance than repentance, outward works than inward change, and feelings than truth.

We are to detest division within the church, and work toward reconciliation whenever we can, but we must not confuse “attacking” with “contending.” I’m not challenging emergents if, by this term, one simply means reaching the world for Christ with God’s word as our standard. I was 37 when I began writing on this topic; I completely understand the need to be “culturally relevant.”
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