Here’s why November 2nd is so Important. Vote! – Article 2

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One of the most controversial issues of our time is the question of mixing religion and politics. One group believes that the church should be used as a political platform, the other advocates passivity. So, what’s the answer?

First and foremost, we cannot deny our primary responsibility: To encourage people to turn to Christ as their Lord and Savior. This is how America will “truly” change from the inside out. The No. 1 problem in America is not a political problem; it’s a spiritual problem called sin. The primary goal of the church is not to become a political movement, but a spiritual influence. Christianity has influenced large-scale changes because it first transformed the hearts of men and women.

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Do We Need Compromise To Be Relevant?

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Part I in a series on compromise in the church

Compromise can be well illustrated thru a story that I heard years ago. Eskimos in the barren North often kill wolves by taking a razor sharp knife and dipping it in blood. They allow the blood to freeze to the blade; then they bury the handle of the knife in the snow with the blade exposed. As the wolf begins to lick the blade, his tongue becomes numb and desensitized due to the cold. As he continues to lick the knife, it begins to bleed, and thus, licks even faster—unaware that he is consuming his own blood, and slowly killing himself.
Within time, the Eskimos return and bring the dead animal home. In the same way, the enemy numbs us through compromise. Within time, we, like the wolves, don’t realize that we are dying—dying spiritually. The enemy desensitizes us until we are numb to the things of God.
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