8/1/14 “Many Problems Are Self Created” – Pastor Shane Idleman

August 1st, 2014 | Posted by admin in Articles - (Comments Off on 8/1/14 “Many Problems Are Self Created” – Pastor Shane Idleman)

Many of our problems are created by our own deception…we are “hearing” but not “doing.” A recent example came via email: “I’m at a loss. My ‘Christian’ husband is verbally and physically abusive. Ironically, he thinks that I’m the problem; he sees no need to change. He’ll quote Scriptures about submission while yelling and cursing. His anger is also destroying our children. A home once filled with laughter and joy is now filled with fear and depression. We walk on eggshells and cherish the times when he is gone. He also loves his porn more than his family. I can no longer bear it. I never thought of divorce, but now its a daily struggle.”
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