3-29-14 “Sinful Nature At War With God” – Pastor Shane Idleman

March 26th, 2014 | Posted by admin in Articles - (Comments Off on 3-29-14 “Sinful Nature At War With God” – Pastor Shane Idleman)

Galatians 5:17 says that the Spirit gives us desires that are opposite from what our sinful nature desires, and that these two forces are constantly fighting against each other. As a result, our choices are rarely free from this conflict. Don’t be alarmed. The fact that there is a fight confirms the value of our commitment. A paraphrase of, The Battle Within, illustrates this truth: A young man, determined to find help for his troubled life, walked to a neighboring church. He told the pastor that his life was meaningless and in constant turmoil. He wanted to make better choices, but couldn’t.
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